About your order

Can I purchase products that are "checking stock"?

Regarding products that are "inventory checking", this will be displayed when the planned sales quantity has been reached and we are considering additional sales, or when there is a possibility of resale in the event of a cancellation due to non-payment. We now have.

Therefore, you cannot purchase while "Checking stock" is displayed.

In addition, the timing of resale is irregular, so we are unable to respond to inquiries.
Please note that if we are unable to secure stock, the display will change to "SOLD OUT".

I did not receive the "Order Confirmation" email.

It is possible that you have settings set up to receive emails from designated domains.
Please set it up so that you can receive emails from noreply@chelmico-store.com.
In addition, the order confirmation email is sent automatically from the system, so if you do not receive it, it may be that your settings do not allow you to receive "emails sent from the system", "emails containing URLs", "automatically sent emails", etc. Please check your reception settings.
If you do not receive an order confirmation email, please check your order details in the "Order History" section of your [My Page].

I haven't received a shipping email or order completion email.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check your email reception settings.

Can I add/change my order, change my payment method, or cancel my order?

Once an order has been completed, it is not possible to add/change the order details, change the payment method, or cancel the order.
Please consider carefully before ordering.

Which billing address should I choose?

Please select [Same as shipping address] here.
Even if you select [Use a different billing address] and change your address, we will not send an invoice to the new address.
Please note.

What is KOMOJU?

This is a payment agency service.
If you wish to pay at a convenience store, please select your payment method.

About payment

What payments do you accept?

We accept credit card payment, convenience store payment, atone next month payment (convenience store/account transfer), and atone deferred payment.

Where can I find the number I need to make a payment?

The number required for payment is displayed on the screen when you complete your order.
Additionally, KOMOJU will automatically send you an email containing the number required for payment. *This message is sent from "no-reply@komoju.com".
If you did not take a copy of your payment number when completing your order, or if you were unable to receive emails from KOMOJU due to domain settings, etc., you will not be able to confirm your payment number. Please place your order again.

The payment deadline has passed.

For convenience store payments, orders that have passed the payment deadline will be automatically canceled.
You will not be able to make a payment or restore your order after the payment deadline has passed, so please place your order again.

*atone If you use next month payment or deferred payment, it will not be canceled even if the payment deadline has passed.
For more information, please check " What should I do if the payment deadline has passed? " on the atone official website before making the payment.

Will I receive a payment confirmation email?

Once the payment is complete, KOMOJU will send you a payment completion email.
If you have set up to receive emails, please remove the "@komoju.com" filter and configure your settings so that you can receive emails from no-reply@komoju.com.

When will my credit card be debited?

Payment will be made after your order, so please check the withdrawal date listed on your statement for the month following the month in which you placed your order.
The name will appear on your card statement as "chelmico official store."
Payment can only be made in a lump sum.

On My Page, the [Payment Status] of an order whose payment deadline has expired remains "Pending".

Even if your order is canceled due to the payment deadline, the payment status will be displayed as [Pending].
Please click on the order number to see the cancellation date.

About product shipping

I haven't received my product.

Shipping times vary depending on the product you order, so please check the details page for each product.
*For products that do not have a shipping date listed on the product details page, payment will normally be made within 10 business days (Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays) after payment is confirmed if the payment method is convenience store payment (KOMOJU), or after order confirmation if other payment methods are used. It will be shipped in about 10 days (excluding shipping).
*Since the term refers to ``shipment'' rather than ``arrival'', the actual number of days it takes for delivery will vary depending on your area and transportation conditions.
*If you order products with different scheduled shipping dates at the same time, they will be shipped together based on the product with the latest scheduled shipping date.
*Goods on sale at venues such as events may take more than 10 business days to ship depending on inventory status.
*Specification of delivery date and time, delivery method, and special packaging such as gifts cannot be accepted.
*Products will be delivered by Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, or Japan Post. You cannot specify a delivery company.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an order completion email, so please check it. The email will contain your "customer's tracking number" so you can check the transportation status yourself.
You can also check the shipping status under "Order History" on "My Page".
If the customer is not present at the time of delivery, please follow the delivery notification form posted by the delivery company to receive the product.
In the case of Nekoposu, the item will be mailed and delivered to the post (if it doesn't fit in the post, it will be returned).
If the item is not received within the storage period, it will be returned to the sender. Please note that the shipping charges incurred when re-shipping the product will be borne by the customer.
If the product has not been delivered even after one month has passed since your order date (or estimated delivery date for pre-ordered products), please contact us using the inquiry form on the site.

Change delivery address

If you change your address after placing your order, please be sure to contact "chelmico official store". Even if you change the registration information on [My Page], it will not be reflected on the ordered products. If you contact us by email, we will reply to you once the changes have been processed. If you do not receive a reply within 3 business days, please contact us again. Once the item is in preparation for shipping, we will not be able to accept any address changes. Please note.

Can I combine multiple separate orders into one shipment?

Since each order number will be shipped separately, we cannot accept any orders.

Can I specify the pick-up date and time and delivery company?

We are unable to accept requests for pick-up dates and delivery companies.

About defective products

The product I purchased through mail order was defective.

Please send a photo of the defective product to the email address below within 7 days of receiving the product.

Once we have confirmed that the product is defective, we will exchange it for the same product.
Please note that we do not accept returns.

*We cannot accept exchanges in the following cases: - Products that have been used - Products that have been purchased more than 7 days ago - Products that have been damaged or soiled while in the customer's possession - Products with minor manufacturing defects that are generally considered to be within the range of acceptable quality

Please enter "chelmico official store Regarding the initial defect" in the subject line of your email, and clearly state the following information in the body of the email.
・Order number ・Name of the person who placed the order ・Product name ・Size ・Color ・Defective condition

[Email address]
*We accept inquiries 24 hours a day, but replies will only be sent on weekdays. *We will reply within approximately 3 business days (approximately 3 days excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).
If you do not receive a reply email, this may be due to your email settings, so please contact us again using a different email address.
If you receive the email via gmail, it may have been automatically sorted into the spam folder, deleted folder, or other folder. If you do not receive the reply email in your inbox, please check each folder.


I forgot my password.

If you have forgotten your password, you can check it from the [Login] page.
After accessing the [Login] page, press the [Forgot your password] button, enter your registered email address, and press the [Send] button.
A "[chelmico official store] password reset" email will be sent to your registered email address, so please check it.

I have not received a reply to my inquiry email.

We aim to respond within three business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, New Year's holidays, and summer holidays).
If you have not received a reply email even after waiting that long, please contact us again from a different email address as this may be due to an issue with your email reception settings.

Furthermore, we will read all emails containing opinions, requests, comments, etc., and use them as a reference for future operations.
Please note that we will not reply to your inquiry.

*Replies to inquiry emails will be sent from "info@chelmico-store.com".

*Even if you send an inquiry email to the automatic email address "noreply@chelmico-store.com", we will not be able to confirm the content or reply to you as this is a delivery-only address.

*Please contact us well in advance regarding any inquiries regarding ordering.
Please note that we may not be able to respond in time to inquiries made the day before or on the day of the order deadline.

<For Gmail users> If you receive the email via Gmail, it may have been automatically sorted into the spam folder, deleted folder, or other folder.
If you do not receive a reply email in your inbox, please check each folder.

I have read the FAQ but it doesn't solve my problem.

If your issue is not resolved after checking the [Frequently Asked Questions], please contact us using the email form.

*If you have already placed an order, please be sure to let us know your order number.
*Please refrain from inquiries regarding anything other than mail order.

chelmico official store
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Reception 24 hours. However, replies are only available on business days (weekdays excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays)